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Autoidoc Ltd is a UK based company which develops and provides pioneering software solutions for the automotive industry. Our experience of developing dealer systems and the close working relationship we share with our customers means that all feedback and research is automatically directed into ongoing product development. This has enabled us to challenge ‘industry standard’ and to come up with increasingly innovative ways of approaching the management of data and to converting it into easy to understand real-time reporting formats. Our mission is to continually develop and deliver high quality proven solutions that drives innovation for the benefit of the automotive industry.

Got Business Intelligence? Do you want competitive advantage?

Business Intelligence from iDOC empowers Sales Managers by delivering the insights needed to make the right decisions within the automotive retail sector.

  • 66%
    of managers feel that the quality of and timely access to data is poor or inconsistent
  • 70%
    of managers do not get the right information to make important business decisions

It’s time to step up your game

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iDOC Sales Management Software

Bringing Business Insight

iDOC is the next generation sales management tools, built for today's dealerships using the latest cloud technology. It's more than just a fancy electronic deal book, it's designed to be intuitive, logical and easy to use. Saving valuable management time administering and reporting on sales activity, it helps transform managers' understanding of their business by bringing focus to key areas through identifying trends, weaknesses and opportunities to improve profitability and efficiency at the click of a button. No two dealerships are the same, so iDOC can be tailored to meet dealers needs.

iDOC Dashboard


The dashboard delivers clear valuable insights into the key performances indicators, comparing actual performances versus budget, sales executive performance breakdown, unit model mixes and more...

iDOC Reporting Suite

Reporting Suite

iDOC's reporting suite provides a 360 degree view of your Sales Department which turns insights into action. iDOC's management reports track a wealth of real-time data, so managers can always make decisions based on up to date and accurate information. Being cloud hosted on secure servers, makes IT headaches and maintenance a thing of the past. Stay in touch with your business from anywhere in the world.

Marketing Suite

Marketing Suite

Marketing changes happen so quickly, iDOC's fully integrated marketing module makes communicating with select customer/prospect groups from with your iDOC database easy. Within minutes of receiving a manufacturer offer or internal marketing campaign, iDOC can deliver your message via email, letter or SMS to specified target groups - giving you a competitive advantage over the competition.

Add-On Resolicitation

Add-on product sales are an essential part of the profitability of any business. Not only are Add-on’s important to the bottom line, they are also essential for aiding customer retention. iDOC has a built in product resolicitation system that revisits all missed product sales opportunities. The system completes the task automatically, simply choose the template, choose whether you want to re-solicit by sending an email or letter, the system then takes care of the rest.

Data Integrity

Data Integrity

Maintaining quality data that is whole and accurate is essential within any database, it increases stability, performance, re-usability and maintainability, this ensures full functionality and benefits of the system, whether that’s the reporting, communication or re-solicitation systems. Built into iDOC is a data integrity system that allows you to see and update any information that is missing from your customer files before it too late.

Management Alerts

Management Alerts

iDOC’s management alert systems allows you to schedule reports to be sent via email to selected users within the system. When the report, period and schedule frequency have been selected, the system will carry out the task autonomously.



iDOC integrates into the leading CRM / Sales Lead Management systems so data can flow seamlessly from one system to another, preventing the need for double keying information.

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